AGM: anally in May, beginning of the RH3 Hash Year.

Any turnover of MM positions is decided/voted prior to AGM. Hash Cash subsidizes the food, beer and giveaway. Anally a behind-the-GM's-back discussion of what personalized gift RH3 will buy for this half-mind. A block of ice* is purchased for Circle down-down sitting. As the GM turns over Circle to the incumming GM, the outgoing GM is invited to sit upon his/her ice throne as each attendee cums to shake hands/rub booty with GM and give extended words of thanks. RA announces weiners of various award categories at AGM (voting takes place prior to the event):

City Ice is where we usually get our half block of ice (80lbs). We have to reserve it in advance as they have to cut a 160lb slab in half for us. 13600 Permilla Springs Dr, Chester, VA 23836 (804)796-9423

Medley of Mud: series of three shiggy & muddy trails during the summer

I-Feel Tower created this monster in 2003. Three of the shiggiest trails RH3 has to offer. Visitors are given the dates at the beginning of the summer. In the past, a special piece of Medley of Mud Haberdashery was available at a discounted price for anyone who completed all three trails. The item would be available to all others at cost price.

Founder's Day: Octobeer 24, 1992

Typically we hold a trail near this date to commemorate our founding.
Founder: Carolyn "Late Cummer" Sutherland (as of 2012, she is in TN.)
Co-founders: Mark "Swamp Rat" Wilcox, Blair "Swamp Snake" Wilcox and Marie "Sunshine" Wilcox. (as of 2012, they still live in RVA.
Tower has contact info for the founders.
RH3's Parent Hash: Madrid HHH

VAIH: anal event, typically in Septembeer or Novembeer

RH3 hosted years: 2003, 2009

Halloweenie Pub Crawl: near Halloween

Typically, start is at the top of the parking garage behind Byrd Theater. We troll around Carytown in costumes, like hashers.

Richmond Marathon: anally in Novembeer

Consider this our pubic service. We host a beer check near mile marker 22/9 (full/half), usually in front of and facing 3806 Fauquier Ave.

Jingle Balls: December trail and party with Fort Eustis H3

Event discontinued during the recession, both kennels dwindled to low numbers. Event would switch from RH3 to FEH3 from year to year. Always included trail, bringing a donation for Toys for Tots, and a white elephant gift for the exchange during the on-after, sitting on "Santa's" lap.

Holiday Tacky Lights Trail: anally in December

All trail collected monies ($5/hasher) is matched by Hash Cash and a donation is made to the Central VA Food Bank. Many of the houses on display have a CVFB donation box.

Green Dress Run: anally in March

Comatoes and Phantom Pooftah brought this tradition to RH3 in 2001. There are 7 beverage stops with two live hares. One hare has a pot of gold (something tasty) and the other carries leprechaun piss. Some years it is a huge event w/a rego, a venue and hotel rooms reserved, other years it is less advertised. Many times we host it the same weekend as Tidewater's GDR/Shamrock Marathon to keep things manageable.