A-to-Atrail that ends where it starts
A-to-Bpoint-to-point trail
Alcohol Abusespilling or otherwise wasting beer at any time during a hash, especially during down-downs
Annual General Meeting (AGM)in many hashes, the occasion for annual erections of hash mismanagement; in others, an excuse for a party; also Annual General Piss Up
Are You? (R U?)question shouted by the pack to FRBs, meaning "Are you on trail?"
Arrowdirectional trail mark; also see True Trail Arrow, Pack Arrow
Auto-Hashinghitching a ride to the end, a heinous violation of hash etiquette
B-Vanvehicle used to transport beer, food, hash bags
Back Check (BC)trail mark* indicating that runners should turn around and retrace their path while looking for true trail, which branched off somewhere before the BC; sometimes accompanied by a number indicating the number of marks the pack should go back before looking for true trail
Bad Trail (BT)1) a section of trail which goes nowhere; 2) trail mark* indicating the end of a BT; see also False Trail, YBF
Balls Checktrail mark* indicating a check or intersection which must be solved by male hashers before the pack can proceed
Bashbicycle hash
Basherbicycle hasher
Bashinghashing by bicycle
Beer Check1) beverage stop; 2) trail mark* indicating a beverage stop
Beer Mastermismanagement member in charge of ensuring an adequate beverage supply for hash events; also "biermeister"
Beer Neartrail mark* indicating proximity of beverages; can be associated with a beer check, on-in, or on-home
Blow Jobsee Bad Trail
Boob Checktrail mark* indicating a check or intersection which must be solved by female hashers before the pack can proceed
Caught Harea hare who has been overtaken and physically caught by a member of the pack; normally honored during Down-Downs
Chalkbasic substance used for marking trail; see also Flour, Paper
Chalk Talktrail instructions for virgin or visiting hashers
Checktrail mark* indicating an intersection where true trail may take another direction
Checking!answer shouted by FRB to pack when asked "Are You?", indicating that FRB has not determined whether the trail he's following is true or false
Chicken/Eagle SplitFork in a trail; Eagle for faster/braver runners, chicken for slower/walkers/pansies
Circleassembly of hashers at trail's end, normally for the purpose of conducting down-downs
Co-harehare's assistant . . . in many hashes it is normal to have two or more hares laying trail together.
Dead Fucking Last (DFL)last member of pack to finish trail, sometimes honored during down-downs (though this goes against the grain of hashing's "non-competitive" ethos)
Dead Harehare who lays the entire trail before the pack sets out; sometimes accompanies the pack to ensure it doesn't get lost (see Sweeper)
Doo-Looplooping section of trail designed to slow down the pack and give the hare more lead
Down-Downthe ceremony of quaffing a beverage (an honor)
Down-Downsthe ceremony of honoring deserving hashers after the trail
Eagle Trailan optional section of trail, longer or more difficult than the standard trail
Erectionsmismanagement elections, normally accomplished during the AGM
False Trailsee Bad Trail; a section of trail going nowhere, designed to slow down the pack and give the hare more lead
Floura basic substance used to mark trail; see also Chalk, Paper
Front Running Bastard (FRB)faster member of the pack, also the one member of the pack who finishes trail first (and is normally "honored" for same, since one should not be competitive)
Full Moonfrequently an occasion for an evening hash; many kennels hash every full moon throughout the year
G DayFebruary 11th. A.S. Gispert ("G"), the father of hashing, was killed in action defending Singapore from invading Japanese forces on this date in 1942
Grand Mastermismanagement member, ceremonial leader of the kennel; also Hash Master
Grand Mattressmismanagement member; sometimes used as the title for a female grand master
Grand Mistressmismanagement member; sometimes used as the title for a female grand master, but often used as the title for someone who organizes hash parties and dinners
Harehasher who lays the trail; see Live Hare, Dead Hare
Hare Arrowtrail mark*, normally means "true trail," but not always
Hare Raisermismanagement member in charge of lining up hares for future trails
Harrierany hasher, male or female; in some hashes, a male hasher
Harriettefemale hasher
Hash1) the Hash House Harriers, as in "I run with the hash"; 2) an individual kennel, as in "I run with the New York Hash"; 3) the actual event, as in "I'm hashing tonight"; 4) trail marks*, as in chalk, flour, or paper
Hash Bagbag of dry clothes and other post-trail necessities; see also Shag Bag
Hash Cash1) mismanagement member; the treasurer; 2) financial resources of the hash
Hash Etiquetteeuphemism for "rule"; also see Rule # 1
Hash Flashhash photographer
Hash Godsee Self-Appointed Officious Assholes
Hash Haberdashermismanagement member in charge of T-shirts, hats, mementos, etc
Hash House1) the Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, meeting place of the Mother Hash; 2) any hash hangout, usually a bar
Hash House Harrierany hasher
Hash House Harriers (HHH or H3)1) hashers; 2) the hash
Hash House Horrorshashers' children
Hash Hymnsong sung by the pack during down-downs; see also International Hash Hymn
Hash Namenickname, usually bestowed after a set number of runs or in honor of a notable incident; not used by all hashes
Hash Olympicsgames played during interhashes, usually involving drinking; can involve debauchery
Hash Quackmismanagement member in charge of administering first aid to injured hashers
Hash Shit (Hash-It, Hashit)offensive or embarrassing object given to a hasher for notable on-trail accomplishments, normally carried by the awardee on subsequent trails until it is awarded to someone else; sometimes also used as a nickname for the awardee
Hash Trashnewsletter containing writeups of past runs and announcements of upcoming events
Hasherany Hash House Harrier
Hashingthe act of running a hash trail
Hatin most hashes, not to be worn while doing down-downs
Houndsthe body of hashers in pursuit of the hare, see also Pack
Interhashregional, national, or world hash gathering
International Hash HymnSwing Low, Sweet Chariot; see Hash Hymn
Intersectionsee Check
Joint Master (JM)co-GM; in some hashes, an assistant to the GM
KennelHash House Harrier chapter or club
Live Harehare who gets a nominal head start and is pursued by the pack as he lays trail
Long-Cutting Bastard (LCB)1) slower member of the pack; 2) someone who gets horribly lost and comes in late
Loopsee Doo-Loop
Mismanagementhash officials; sometimes elected, sometimes appointed
Mooningmild form of debauchery
Mother HashKuala Lumpur Hash House Harriers, first organized in 1938, still going strong and an inspiration to us all (except for the bit about "no women")
Nash Hasha national interhash
New Shoedrinking vessel used during down-downs; see also Tea Bag; heinous violation of hash etiquette
No Blowhasher who forgets his whistle, normally honored with a down-down
On the Ice!1) in many kennels, the block of ice upon which honorees sit during down-downs; 2) command given by the GM or RA to down-down recipients
On-Aftersgathering after the trial.
On-Backshouted by FRBs to the pack when FRBs encounter a back check
On-Beforewhere hashers gather before the start of the hash, usually a public establishment
On-In1) trail's end 2) trail mark* indicating proximity to end
On-On1) shouted by FRBs or hounds to indicate they're on trail, sometimes used only to indicate true trail; 2) trail mark* in lieu of a true trail arrow
On-One ("On-Two," etc)shouted by FRBs or hounds to indicate the number of flour marks they've seen on an unexplored trail, usually after a check
On-Outstart of trail
On-Sexmismanagement member normally in charge of hash rosters, run records, hash trash.
On-Up! (or down, under, over, through, etc)what hounds sound to let those following know that the trail has become a challenge and the type of challenge being encountered
Packhashers in pursuit of the hare, also Hounds
Pack Arrowmark left by a member of the pack indicating direction taken; follow at your own peril
Paperbasic substance used to mark trail; see also Chalk, Flour
Phantom Haresecret hare, unknown to the pack
Photo Hashtheme hash where a photograph shows the pack where to run to; another photograph will be hidden at that location, and so on . . . a variation is the "Clue Hash," where hashers find their way by written clues
Pick-Up Hashhash where the hare is chosen at the last minute, usually through a drawing or game of chance; head starts are shorter and the hare is expected to be caught often--the hound catching the hare becomes the next hare, and so on
Piss Wagonsee B-Van
Playerobnoxious asshole; see also Poofter
Poofterliterally, a homo; in hash use, 1) a homo; 2) anyone not welcome at the hash (see Rule # 6); 3) a poseur; 4) a person who hangs around the hash but isn't really a hasher; 5) a major whinger; 6) a non-contributor in general; 7) a "player"
Poofterismbehavior associated with poofters
Pre-Layact of laying the trail or sections thereof before the hash; sometimes a violation, sometimes not, depending on kennel traditions; like masturbation, widely practiced but seldom admitted
Private Partyact of participating in a non-circle conversation, thereby showing disrespect to the GM during down-downs
R-wordeuphemism for "race," "run," or "rule"
Receding Harelinelist of upcoming hash events, normally printed in the hash trash
Red Dress Runtheme hash where hares and pack wear red dresses; variations include lingerie runs, mini-skirt runs, muumuu runs, nude runs, etc
Regrouptrail mark* used in some hashes, where FRBs must wait for all members of the pack to arrive before setting out again
Religious Adviser/Advisor (RA)mismanagement member normally in charge of blessing the hash and settling disputes over tradition; sometimes in charge of down-down ceremonies
Respectreverential attitude of right-thinking pack members toward the GM during the circle and down-downs
Ruleuniversally-understood tenet of acceptable hash behavior; never called a "rule" but often euphemized as "tradition" or "hash etiquette"
Shag Baga bag of dry/warm clothing for use after the hash; see also Hash Bag
Shandylady's down-down drink made of beer and ginger ale; most often seen in the UK or Down Under
Shiggyjungle, thick vegetation, rocks, cliffs, streams, etc; especially mud
Shittyadjective used to describe a really good trail
Short-Cuttingthe act of attempting to short-cut the trail, see also Zenning
Short-Cutting Bastard (SCB)habitual short-cutter, a title of esteem in most hashes
Singapore Back Check (SBC)trail mark* indicating that true trail branched off somewhere between the SBC mark and the previous check
Song Mastermismanagement member; leads down-down songs
Sweeperhasher, normally an experienced member of the pack, assigned to follow the pack in order to ensure no one gets lost; this function is sometimes performed by a dead hare
Traditioneuphemism for "rule"
True Trailthe correct trail that leads to the on-in
True Trail Arrowtrail mark* indicating true trail
Trusted AgentHound who has been told where the on-in is in case the pack gets lost
Turkey Trailoptional section of trail, normally shorter and easier than the main trail
Violationany infraction of hash etiquette or tradition, on- or off-trail
Violatorhe or she who must be punished, normally by down-down
Virginfirst-time hasher; also applied to first-time hare
Virgin Lay1) a virgin hare's first trail; 2) a new kennel's first hash
Walkersinfant, infirm, or elderly hashers
Wankerliterally, a masturbator; in English/Australian use, a sort of "Sad Sack" character; in hash use, an everyday hasher
YBFbad trail mark*; stands for "You've Been Fucked"
Zenningstriking out cross-country in anticipation of finding the on-in; see also Short-Cutting