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Look on the RH3 Hareline for trails in the future listed with “Need a Hare.” Sometimes they are a few months in advance, so be sure you can take on the responsibility. Then email the Trail Master, Choo Choo Cabra, to reserve the trail.

Choose a co-hare/ co-hares

This is important. Make sure you recruit co-hares who are trustworthy and will be good to work with. If you are inexperienced as a hare, choose a co-hare who has experience. It is recommended to have 2 co-hares.


In the RH3 kennel, Hash Cash will reimburse you for up to $1.50 per hound WITH YOUR RECEIPTS! Be sure to hang on to your receipts! Otherwise you will be reimbursed up to $1 per hound.

The Start

Find a place to start your trail. Must have adequate (legal) parking and enough room for people to gather safely. There will be beer consumption, so be smart about choosing where to start. (No Private Property unless you have permission!) Keep in mind the relationship of your trail to the On In. Most of the time here in RH3, we do the start and the On In at the same location.

Choose the On In and On After

To make it easier on yourself do an A to A trail. Otherwise, choose a B location that will be appropriate for circle with beer consumption and general debauchery. Remember, if it is an A to B trail you are required to have transportation from the On In back to the start. The On After (either a bar or someone’s house) should be close to the On In, and have food and beer for the Wankers. Must be hasher friendly!

Google maps is your friend

Satellite view will help/give you ideas for your trail before you scout. It will also offer you an accurate indication of the length of trail.

Scouting trail!

Walk or run the trail with your co-hares. Then you can adjust your trail as you see fit, make sure you note the changes. The more times you scout, the easier it will be to lay your trail.

BN or BH

The hares are in charge of all the Beer Nears and Beer Heres. Whether you want to provide zero stops or many stops is up to you. If you do have Beer stops, be sure to choose areas that can handle large groups of people with drinks and singing. (in the middle of a playground isn’t suggested) RH3 trails normally have 1 to 2 Beer Stops.

Finalize a plan

Be sure to have a plan, including a schedule for the day, who is bringing what and pre-laying versus haring live. Who is bringing the beer, ice and water for the BN/BH? Are you stashing the BN/BH in a black garbage bag or in a cooler? Who is bringing the flour, chalk, toilet paper? Are we laying a dead trail (trail laid in advance) or a live trail (hares are given a head start and is pursued by the pack)? It is a good idea to have a little extra time so all bases are covered.

Laying trail

This is the most important step! A well marked trail can still be tricky with lots of check backs, YBFs (You’ve Been F*cked), and general nonsense. You can never have too many marks!

Send the Trail Master your trail detes

the sooner you know the better! A week or more before the trail is preferable. See below for what needs to be included!

Other General Tips

Shiggy Meter!

WTF is shiggy? It’s anything that makes your path more difficult. Here is what the shiggy rating means.

  1. In town trail- city streets, maybe some stairs and city squares.
  2. Urban with some off road, should not need a dry bag.
  3. Some readymade paths and some trail blazing, could get your feet wet.
  4. Mostly wooded trail blazing, could be fences, walls, homeless camps, garbage dumps, mud, muck, broken glass, snakes, spiders, little furry animals, swamp and water you can wade through.
  5. Anything goes: briars, stinky mud that could keep your shoes, plenty of water-some possibly over your head, beware of animals including snakes, possibly bears, over all one that you should have a trail buddy with you.