RH3 Trail Stats

Over the course of our trails, a lot of people cum and go. Some go and cum. Some just cum. Since 2014 AGM we've been keeping track of who all you wankers are, how many trails you've stumbled through, how many you've led the rest of us stumbling through, as well as just the general debauchery that occurs. Count includes RH3 trails only, not Titanic, POHO, BIB or pickup trails.

Named hashers who have been hashing with RH3 prior to 2014 AGM, please fill out the RH3 Trail Counts Sheet and get it to The Final Cuntdown and we'll get your numbers updated. If you just have a question, ask TFC. Note: This list only displays wankers that have attended 5+ RH3 trails.

Last Updated: May 2018 - Trail #1259