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TMFMH3 #148 - Cumblazer

Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:30 PM | 14 wankers attending

Hare to be Cumblazer and perhaps unknown cohare!  More details soon to follow from Hare(s).

TMFMH3 Receding Hareline: -/-/-> You should hare 10% of the trails you attend -/-/-> -/-/-> Reservations R always "First Come First Served" -/-/-> -/-/-> No hash or hasher takes precedence over another -/-/-> -/-/-> Email Hoot & Burqa 4 reservations/-/-> -/-/-> The Titanic Hash thanks U for your interest -/-/-> TMFMH3 #148 Wed, April 16th Need a Hare! TMFMH3 #149 Wed, May 14th Need a Hare! TMFMH3 #150 Fri, June 14th Need a Hare! TMFMH3 #151 Sat, July 12th Need a Hare, Need a GM stand-in!

TMFMH3 #152 Sat, Aug 9th Need a Hare! TMFMH3 #153 Wed, Septembeer 10th - Hoot Are You - SkankNation! TMFMH3 #154 Wed, Octobeer 8th Need a Hare! TMFMH3 #155 Wed, Novembeer 5th Need a Hare! TMFMH3 #156 Sat, Decembeer 6th Need a Hare! TMFMH3 #157 Sun, Jan 4th Need a Hare! TMFMH3 #158 Wed, Febrewary 4th Need a Hare! TMFMH3 #159 Sat, March 7th Hoot Are You and the incumming GM AGM!

We are the Richmond kennel of the internationally known Hash House Harriers or the "Drinking club with a running problem." There are thousands of Hash House Harrier groups in the world today. We are runners, but without a great emphasis on speed. Each week runners (and plenty of walkers) follow a trail of flour or chalk somewhere in the Richmond area in search of beer, songs, generally poor behavior, and beer. If you are interested in meeting new people and getting some exercise just bring a pair of running shoes and your sense of humor. Click here for more about hashing.

The Richmond Hash House Harriers meet once a week. During the Fall and Winter months, we meet on Sundays at 3:00 pm. During the Spring and Summer, we run on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.

Receding Hareline

TMFMH3 #148 - Cumblazer
RSVP'd14 wankers attending
DateWed Apr 16, 2014
Time6:30 PM
RH3 # 1040 - Baby got Back & Cl*t van Winkle
RSVP'd6 wankers attending
DateWed Apr 23, 2014
Time6:30 PM
RH3 # 1041 - Need a Hare!
RSVP'd3 wankers attending
DateWed Apr 30, 2014
Time6:30 PM
RH3 AGM 2014
RSVP'd12 wankers attending
DateSat May 3, 2014
Time1:00 PM
LocationThe Spidey Web
1517 Jordan Mill Rd
seaboard, NC
The full Receding Hareline can be found on Meetup.

Virgin Hare? See Setting Trail For Dummies.