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We are the Richmond kennel of the Hash House Harriers. We run, we drink, we have good times. There are many other kennels and hash sites to learn more. We run weekly, typically Wednesdays at 6:30pm during the summer months and Sundays at 3:00pm over the winter where it gets dark earlier. Our next event is listed on-below. See our hareline to see what we have currently scheduled. Make sure to check out our big events. If you've joined us on trail or are a hasher visiting from another kennel, feel free to join our Meetup to get the info hot off the press.

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Temp = 83°F
Humid = 72%
Precip = 39%
7/8 7:00 pm

RH3 # 1106 - AJ & Dude's 'Murica Day

Wed Jul 8, 2015 6:30 PM
27 wankers RSVP'd

AJ's Backyard
2900 W Grace St
richmond, VA

Hey you wanks!

With POHO, Medley, and BIB's innaugural trail all coming up this weekend, we didn't want to forget 'MURICA'S BIRTHDAY. Join us for a celebration of what makes us the best goddamn country in the world: r*cism. That's right, your two favorite FRBs - The Dude Abrades and Ass Juices - will be haring a lovely r*cist trail for you wanks. It's going to be fun and you will be there.

As our forefathers said, "Patriotism can and should never be compulsory, unless you're running and drinking and then it's basically mandatory," so make sure you wear red, white, and blue. You know, like the pilgrims did.

Hares: The Dude Abrades and Ass Juices

Location: 2900 West Grace Street, Richmond, VA

Length: 3-4 mi

Shiggy: 1

A-A trail

Fuck trophies and all other beasts of burden are welcum

What to bring: $5, virgins, vessels, whistles, headlamps

On-After: TBD

Medley of Mud # 2 - The Siren Call of Swamp Monsters

Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:00 PM
45 wankers RSVP'd

Blue Print Automation
16037 Innovation Dr
South Chesterfield,

Some deets on this 3-way, RVA style!  1 trail for a Medley just isn't enough.  2 trails?  Still not enough!  We've lined up an RVA 3-Way for all you wankers!  Crash space available for visitors so cum on out and enjoy how hashy Richmond can get!

Friday, July 10th:  POHO H3 Trail at 6:30pm:  Pre-lube for the Medley with POHO H3!

Saturday, July 11th:  Medley of Mud #2 at 3:00pm:  The main event!  PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE!!!

Last year TFC and 21 popped their Medley of Mud cherry, and you liked it! We have had an entire year to plot and plan for round two. We learned last year that there were a few secret surprises that we couldn’t even plan for, a few swamp monsters made guest experiences. This year we will harness those wild beasts and take you on a trip down mudslide alley. We will give you the tools to slay the Kraken, Swamp Thing, even Solomon Grundy should he appear to drag you into the depths of the moss from whence he came.

The shiggy will be a five out of five and will help you reimagine what a five can be. There will be mud, the mud that sucks your cock so good you might just want to stay stuck. There will be swimming so deep it will make you wonder what lurks below. If you are lucky, a friendly gator may swim by and let you take a ride on her back.

So cum one, cum all to an epic adventure full of mud, blood, booze, and snacks (everyone loves snacks), thorny messes, and more good times than a barrel of drunken monkies. The most fun you can have for $5.

Hares:  The Final Cuntdown & 21 Cum Salute

Trail Start:  Circle up in the cul-de-sac at the end of Touchstone Drive.  Look for the red hash-mobile.  
Shiggy Level
: It’s a freaking Medley!  5+!
Trail Length: ~2.5 miles
Trail:  A to A
Beer Stops:  2.69 + Swamp Monsters
Dogs:  No
Horrors:  No (other than swamp horrors)

Bring: $5 hash cash, virgins, whistle, dry bag, another dry bag, 3 towels, bug spray, Tecnu, decon chamber, floaties, bandages, whatever Cane and Ate Her had to put on her legs after Poseidon's Kiss 2, vessel for circle…..

PSA:  There is going to be a fair amount of lube on this trail to get you through the sucking mud.  PLEASE DD as much as possible to and from circle.  We have a lot of visitors this weekend as well with our RVA 3-way of trails.  

On-After: TBD

On-On-After:  21’s & TFC’s hash house. Yes, there will be skipper.

On-On-On-After:  Sunday afternoon join Belle Isle Babe’s for their inagural trail at 1:00pm.  Circle is at 21’s and TFC’s hash house!  No clue if there will be skipper as that isn’t my kennel.  Check with Benjamin!  ;)

Sunday, July 12th:  BIB H3 Inaugural Trail at 1:00pm


Medley of Mud # 2 - The Siren Call of Swamp Monsters

Date Sat Jul 11, 2015
Time 3:00 PM
RSVP'd 45

Belle Isle Babes H3's very first trail!

Date Sun Jul 12, 2015
Time 1:00 PM
RSVP'd 38

RH3 # 1108 - Bananas in Pajamas!

Date Wed Jul 15, 2015
Time 6:30 PM
RSVP'd 6

Travel Hash: Trifuckta 2015

Date Fri Jul 17, 2015
Time 4:00 PM
RSVP'd 8

RH3 Hash Social # 14 - Coxswain Cocks Out

Date Sat Jul 18, 2015
Time 7:00 PM
RSVP'd 7

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